Red hot poker flower meaning

Kniphofia - Wikipedia Kniphofia. Kniphofia /nɪpˈhoʊfiə/, also called tritoma, red hot poker, torch lily, knofflers [citation needed] or poker plant, is a genus of perennial flowering plants in the family Asphodelaceae, first described as a genus in 1794. It is native to Africa. Herbaceous species and hybrids have narrow,... Cutting Back Red Hot Poker Plants: Tips On Pruning A Red ...

Meaning of red-hot poker | Infoplease Meaning of red-hot poker. Find definitions for: red'-hot pok'er. Pronunciation: [key]. tritoma. Red-Hot Poker - meaning Meaning of the phrase "Red-hot poker": Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.Red-hot poker. noun a south African herb (Kniphofia uvaria) of the lily family having long linear leaves and tall spikes of bright red, orange-red, or yellow flowers.

How to Grow Red Hot Poker Plant or Torch Lily

Tritoma, Red Hot Poker Mix. Spikes topped by narrow, tubular flowers from pale yellow to orange-red. Not a blowtorch, but close. Spikes glow, blaze open fiery red, then pale and wither. Mixture contains colors not usually available. Use as accents with grasses or sprawling blues and purples. Spice up your hypercums, heleniums and gaillardias. * Red Hot Poker (Plants) - Definition,meaning - Online Red Hot Poker, Torch lily, Poker Plant Scientific Name: Kniphofia uvaria (L.) Hooker Synonym: Tritoma uvaria Family: Asphodelaceae Tritoma, Red Hot Poker Mix is rated 2.5 out of 5 by 4. Rated 5 out of 5 by dolores Jean from beautiful when it blooms I planted this years ago and it blooms more Pokers … Red Hot Poker – Something not to grow, and bunnies Red Hot Poker – Something not to grow, and bunnies. I have come a long way since then, namely I appreciate things like edibles more, interesting foliage, and length of bloom time as much as bloom shape, size, or color. But sometimes that interest in large blooming perennials rears up. Enter Kniphofia, other wise known as Red Hot Poker plant.

Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) Poker Plant, Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily, Tritoma ( Kniphofia ) Kniphofias, commonly known as Torch Lilies or Red Hot Pokers, always make a bold statement in the garden with their brilliant show of bright-colored, dense, erect spikes resembling glowing pokers or torches.

Red Hot Poker, Common Torch Lily, Torch Lily, Tritoma. Of the 60 to 70 known species, only Kniphofia uvaria is available in nurseries. Native to Africa, Poker Plants are grown for their unusual spire-like, bicolor flowers which change color as they open from the bottom up. How to Grow Red Hot Poker Plant or ~. What Keeps Red Hot Poker From Blooming? If you area has had a big flux in temperature changes from hot to cold, this can throw the blooming schedule off. If you mulch around your Red Hot Poker, make sure it is not too deep. The crown of the plant should never be too deep. Lack of water can also cause a Red Hot Poker not to bloom.

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Red Hot Poker grows two to five feet high, depending upon variety. The leaves are long, thin and dagger-like. They produce flowered spikes from spring throughRed Hot Poker plants look their best when grown in clumps, and displaying lots of blooms. Check the height of the variety you purchase, to... Red Hot Poker | Torch Lily | South Africa Flowers

How to Grow and Care for Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily, or ...

If you’re looking for something grand in the garden or something to attract wildlife friends, then look no further than the red hot poker plant. Growing and caring for torch lilies is easy enough for newbie gardeners too. So what is a red hot poker torch lily and how do you grow red hot pokers ... Red Hot Poker - Growing and Caring for Torch Lilies - The ... The red hot poker is a showy and dramatic plant. If you love growing perennials that give color all summer long, this is the plant for you. Other names for this showy plant are torch lily and poker plant. The botanical name for this plant is kniphofia uvaria and there are more than 70 known species of it.

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